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I LOVE when families show up dressed to perfection! Mom nailed it with mixing up the patterns- some stripes, floral, and polka dots, which can be tricky to do, but is so striking when done correctly! The pop of color on the baby is perfect and draws your attention to her.

It’s amazing sometimes what you can accomplish in a 15 minute mini-session. We knocked out the posed photos and then just played around with baby girl and grabbed some little smiles! Make sure to scroll and see the very last photo. I had put my camera away and we were walking to our cars when I saw a rainbow peeking through the clouds. It was extra special to this couple since this was their rainbow baby and was the perfect way to end our session!

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Beach Vacay!

Most of my blog posts will likely be more client-based work, but I just had to share some photos from our summer vacation.  We met up with some friends and rented a gorgeous house in Destin, FL.

If you are in Destin, you MUST check out this little donut shopped called Destination Little Donuts.  I'm not a fan of cake donuts, but these are AH-MAZING!  You pick what you want and they make it fresh for you while you wait!

mckinney family photographer

Our nerdy selves brought a whole bin of games and played waayyyyy too many, but even the kids had fun getting into them.  Fan favorite was Catan.  I also recommend Joking Hazard for adults.  We had so many laughs playing that game that we had to overnight expansion packs to the house to keep the fun going!

mckinney family photographer kids

Our house was the perfect setup for 4 families.  The kids had the entire 3rd floor to themselves and loved just running around playing hide and seek, jumping on the beds, and chasing each other.

allen child photographer family
mckinney child family photographer
mckinney family photographer

We spent as much time possible at the beach and using our private pool at the house.  It rained our last 2 nights there, so note to self: Don't procrastinate on sunset beach photos next time!

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destin beach vacation photographer
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